Martial Arts for the Family

    • Our family-based programs allow you to participate with your kids, not just as a spectator.
    • Lead by example.  Parents are the most influential people in the lives of their children.
    • Help your kids learn to set and achieve goals.  Earn your Black Belts together, as a family.
    • Train with other families or in adult-specific classes.
    • Adults enjoy fitness, self defense, stress relief; all while kids are gaining confidence, respect, focus, and discipline.
    • Make new friends.  Families meet other like-minded families.

What Others Have To Say About Their Families Training At Summit:

“Summit Martial Arts teaches students of all ages respect, honor, self control, and perseverance. Master Hill is amazing with children and adults alike.

…I’ve seen growth in self confidence and ability in both of my children, who are students, and in my own path to becoming a black belt. It’s a pleasure to learn from Master Hill, and at the end of class, the family is usually worn out, and already looking forward to going back.

I have and will continue to highly recommend Master Hill and Summit Martial Arts to anyone looking for a quality and genuine instructor.”

“Master Hill is a wonderful instructor. His passion is clear. He makes class enjoyable. He teaches the students (children & adults) about discipline, goals, self respect, respect for others, the importance of education, all while teaching class.  I would highly recommend Summit Martial Arts to anyone at any age who is interested in Martial Arts.”