Martial Arts for KidsKNP-KIDZ

  • It’s our goal for all of our students to become leaders…not followers.  Kids who are leaders have confidence to stand up to peer pressure and are enthusiastic to be examples for others to follow.
  • Due to our unique reward system and advanced teaching style, confidence is often one of the first changes parents notice in their kids, after starting training.
  • Our program teaches kids to have respect for themselves and others.  After their kids start martial arts training, parents often find their children talk back less, complete tasks the first time they are asked, and treat their siblings with more patience and kindness.
  • Martial Arts instill self discipline.  Many parents see a positive change in their children’s personal level of responsibility.  Kids who previously needed frequent reminders from mom and dad, start to complete daily tasks, such as getting ready for school, finishing homework, and getting ready to go to karate, without having to be asked.
  • Kids who need a little help with focus, will receive tremendous benefits.  Parents often see a difference in their kids’ grades and the amount of time it takes to complete homework.  Many parents have even been contacted by their kids’ teachers, because they’ve noticed an immediate change in their student’s level of focus.
  • Training with us is safe.  Kids learn self defense against bullies and strangers.  However, we take special care to make sure our students learn not to misuse what they learn.
  • Training with Summit Martial Arts will help kids develop the habits of health and fitness.

What Others Have To Say About Their Kids Training At Summit:

“My son Cameron started with at Summit with Master Hill about a year ago. He was a shy, but respectful kid. We started with the basic program. I started noticing Cameron coming out of his “shell” so to speak. Since starting in the basic program, he has now moved on to the Black Belt leadership program. Cameron is more confident in himself at school, at home, and with his friends. I have been extremely proud of him because of his training and results. He loves working towards his next belt and he loves Master Hill and Mr. Frank!”

“Mr. Hill has been doing great with the students and my 8 year old daughter has a change in her attitude. Definitely would recommend Martial Arts for any age or disabilities.”